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Glamoy Bipolar

Glamoy is derived from the word Glamor. Glamoy hair wigs and extensions are created from only the finest and most youthful – REAL HUMAN HAIR – with stunning looks and perfect styles for both men and women. They are non-allergic, come in a variety of colors and add volume and length within seconds.
Glamoy’s Unidirectional-Hair-Cuticle-Treatment Technology separates it from its competitors. With a plethora of styles and assortments to choose from, be sure to find a product that would suit your need.
Experiment with Glamoy’s contemporary curly, wavy, straight, pony tails and/or layers ranges to give yourself that salon look. Glamoy believes in customer satisfaction and works with them for the best in class hair products that bounce, shine and add charisma to your beauty. Glamoy – Add glamor to your life.

Bipolar International Solutions : Human Hair, Double Drawn Remy, Non Remy, Virgin Human Hair, Remy Bulk Colored Hair,Natural Human Hair